1000 Views At A Time – How Rebranded PubTok Plans To Revamp Marketing On TikTok

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1000 Views At A Time - How Rebranded PubTok Plans To Revamp Marketing On TikTok

PubTok launches a free views campaign for creators on TikTok distributing 1 000 000 views daily

Just a few weeks prior to its official announcement of rebrand as PubTok, the company’s CEO, Ray Evans has implied the “dramatic changes” in brand name tweeting “Long before the name existed, BuyTikTok knew its mission to serve as a springboard to emerging influencers. Today we feel we have outgrown the name, and are currently in the process of reconsidering its relevance and impact”.

The changes in PubTok’s perceived mission became even more apparent when the rebrand was finalized. As a “springboard” for new accounts PubTok introduces “My Daily Views” giveaway program to improve visibility of creators with little to no views on TikTok. Unsurprisingly, taking a proclaimed mission to help creators improve post visibility, 1 000 000 free TikTok views are distributed daily. Yet many question if the decision is candid and worthy of public acclaim.

“PubTok embraces its new-found freedom of services accessible to everyone: from business owners to college students rolling out the giveaway program.”

— Ray Evans, PubTok CEO

Sharing his view on modern marketing and whether or not creators would actually benefit from gaining free views on TikTok posts, Ray Evans commented “PubTok is no longer to be seen simply as a website to buy TikTok followers, likes, or views, but as a full-fledged marketing agency with a specific focus and a daily exercise in TikTok marketing. And as with everything in life, the opposite side of declaring more expertise comes with a bigger responsibility to leave up to its expectations. PubTok embraces its new-found freedom of services accessible to everyone: from a college student to a business owner rolling out the giveaway program.”

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According to the company’s quarterly reports, it plans to spend about 15% of the budget on the program which starts on August 20th. Because PubTok giveaway does not involve advertiser support and no users are asked to complete surveys or watch ads, the only feasible benefit for PubTok is in good publicity such giveaway generates. “Today more than ever we rely on word of mouth, and encourage all giveaway participants to leave likes, comments, and reviews on social media and anywhere online. This helps PubTok strengthen its reputation as a reliable and result-driven social media agency, and generates interest around it”, confirmed Evans.

Interestingly enough, a few months prior to its rebrand, PubTok had no plans of giving away views for free but rather stripping down the service prices to make them affordable. Regardless of market positioning and reasons for such an action, continued assistance could help hundreds of TikTok creators gain initial visibility through consistent engagement and regular uploads. For program participation rules, any user with a TikTok account and posts could sign up to receive 1 000 TikTok views once in 24 hours. The system, then, automatically picks the first 1 000 users and distributes the views within 12 hours.

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