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As of a few years back, brands were still using traditional methods of marketing. Recently, the number of Digital Marketing jobs and brands moving to use social media has increased immensely.

With the current situation, we are facing due to the global pandemic ( COVID-19), brands are forced to move their business marketing efforts online and go digital.

Social networking is used by 76% of brands in order to achieve their objectives and retailers have experienced a 133% increase in revenue after moving their efforts to a digital platform.

Definitely now is a great time to turn on digital marketing and a career in this field would be fruitful. We are currently living in the digital age. Products and services are marketed on the internet are quite an important requirement in order to be successful.

I am sure that there’s no fixed way to learn digital marketing, but experimenting with different strategies, seeing which campaigns worked better, etc., is one way of becoming a digital marketer.

As we move towards greater digitization, we can see more future of digital marketing. Being available on a digital platform opens up a world of opportunities. You have access to a wide audience from all over the world.

Whether you are a large business organization or a small business, the possibilities with digital marketing are one and the same. Hence it also minimizes the competition to some extent and allows you to work on Plans that can help in greater lead generation and sales.

You can contact more often with your customers. Thus, ensuring a higher level of brand loyalty and communications.

There are a number of Digital marketing books available today too:

Digital Marketing for Dummies by Ryan Desis
Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital by Philip Kotler

The next step would be to take up a course on Digital Marketing, there are many courses available online. Do take up a course, this will help you with the theoretical aspects. If you are clear with the theory then you can start implementing and trying out which strategies will be helpful for you!

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